Dior recently unveiled its latest blockbuster media for its timelessly signature fragrance, J’adore, featuring a golden Charlize Theron, gracing the desert and sea with her timeless presence.


Shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, the man behind J’adore campaigns since 1999, the campaign takes on a quest for a new version of the truth – he wanted Theron absolutely free from all constraints and transported her to a world of water, sun and wind. In this new campaign, Charlize Theron appears in a setting of a vast, untouched expanse in which the elements come together in sublimely warm tones.

For over a decade, J’adore has been the ultimate timeless fragrance of Dior for its exotic and vibrant notes. The sweetness of the Comorian Ylang Ylang Essence, Turkish Rosa Damascena, Grasse and Indian Jasmine comes together to create an exuberantly floral scent that captures The Absolute Femininity.


Watch The Absolute Femininity video here:

The J’adore by Dior fragrance retails from RM391.

Nad Dardin
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