Photo: Koiyak

A hair salon you can count on for a knockout ‘do and professional care for your mane whilst ticking all the right boxes is hard to come by. The industry is, after all, exceedingly competitive and the options are bountiful. With that said, it isn’t just about the knowledgeable stylists, top notch service, the comforting environment; good rapport sometimes outweighs these attributes and it’s one of the reasons why we keep going back to Koiyak Hair Studio.

Koiyak, located in Taman Connaught of Cheras,  is founded and helmed by creative hair mastermind Le’o. With over 10 years of experience with scissors and innovative hair colouring, his indisputable industry expertise and thriving clientele secured from previous attachments with some of KL’s most prominent hair salons has only motivated him to venture further – investing in a self-owned hair studio.

Photo: Koiyak

Funnily enough, the eccentric name ‘Koiyak’ is derived from Malaysian-born glove brand Koiyak Gloves. Packaged individually in boxes covered in artwork by notable tattooists from around the globe, the black polymer, non-powdered, 100% natural latex gloves were created with professional stylists and artists in mind as the stretch, flexibility, sensitivity and hygiene standard from the gloves uniquely cater to their demands.

Boasting an industrial-looking space, clients will see a cement cashier island and welcoming lounge area upon stepping into Koiyak. Inside, the hair studio is ornamented with custom-made styling stations and retro styling chairs, as well as rustic tailor-made, ceiling mounted shelves sectioning off the shampoo stations. There’s even a swanky bar area lined up with liquor in case clients are craving a drink or two; it’s free of charge, but it’s only reserved for regular customers.

Our team had the privilege of getting makeovers by Le’o at Koiyak and Danson had his hair pre-lightened completely before most of his hair was dyed grey with a cool blue tint and the back of his head was coloured gold. To finish, Le’o gave Danson a refreshing side shaved hairstyle before intricately shaving a leopard print hair tattoo at the back of his head. The result? An unconventional ‘do that instantly upped his cool points by miles.


I had a shoot scheduled for a family portrait recently and had specifically asked Le’o for a more subtle ‘do. My tresses already had a blonde ombre going on from a previous dye job and he further accentuated the look by giving me pre-lightened highlights from the scalp using foil. He then gave me a lob and gradually layered the hair. Finally, he slathered on a dark grey dye, giving me an understated hairdo with a little somethin’ somethin’.


Gavin on the other hand was in for a surprise as it was his first major hair restyling session. Le’o first pre-lightened his hair completely and gave him a layered hairstyle with an undercut. Following that process, Gavin’s mane was dyed ash brown for a sophisticated and dashing ‘do. It’s anything but boring and in different lighting, his hair now flaunts a very multi-dimensional colour.

Every hairstylist should strive for a trusting relationship with his clients and we appreciate Le’o as that’s exactly how he and his team functions at Koiyak. On top of being extremely accommodating, he takes his time with each client and doesn’t hastily rush through any processes. Moreover, he makes it a point to communicate openly about expectations, pricing and upkeep, aside from offering a bespoke salon experience. It’s safe to say we’d be visiting Koiyak again soon.


Koiyak Hair Studio

26, Jalan Cerdik,
Taman Connaught,
56000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-9107 2011

Carmen Chong
YouTube-obsessed and a beauty junkie at heart. Find her on Instagram: @carthemen