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Launched in November 2013, ShopandBox is a peer-to-peer personal shopping service. By seamlessly connecting Shoppers with Boxers (Personal Shoppers) based on shopping interests and geographical location, they make shopping around the world for ANYTHING you want possible.

With Christmas lurking around the corner, ShopandBox have acquired a few upgrades for your shopping needs…

ShopandBox just released a new app for you to shop for anything you could possibly want. Did we just hear you online shoppers heave a sigh of relief?

ShopandBox has Boxers in more than 20 countries and these ‘shopping pals’ are avid shopaholics who help our growing base of Shoppers from more than 100 countries shop like a local anywhere in the world.

Check out this video where Boxer Anne reveals more on what it’s like to be your shopping pal:

Originally on web only, ShopandBox has recently released the ShopandBox app, now available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Also, the Cyber Monday sales in the US are coming up! Deals have started since 18 November but the major you-can’t-miss day is 28 November. This means you’d get huge deals and discounts for things you’ve been wanting since the year began from your Boxers. ShopandBox have also launched a secondary Instagram account @shopandboxdeals for you Shoppers to always remain updated about where the best deals and discounts are at!

For Christmas this year, ShopandBox also short-listed an amazing group of people from across the globe to curate ‘Christmas bundles’ featured weekly on ShopandBox which readers can then proceed to order too.

The campaign features 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guides, which categorises into 12 different personality types such as the luxe foodie, fitness guru and even the mum and bub! A different category is pushed out each weeks across the 12 weeks approaching Christmas. Check out the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guides here!

For more news and updates on ShopandBox checkout their website or Facebook and Instagram pages! Don’t miss out on the major Cyber Monday Sale on 28 Nov and remember to check out the 12 Days of Christmas Gift Guides here too!

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