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London’s famous Burger & Lobster chain will soon arrive on Malaysian shores at Resorts World Genting and we’re so stoked. With that said, no official opening date has been announced yet.

The establishment was started in 2011 and since then, it has become world renown for its burgers and lobster dishes, like the lobster rolls. Burger & Lobster currently has 14 outlets all over the UK, and more overseas.

Photo: Gourmetgorro
Photo: Gourmetgorro

Those who have dined there previously will know that there was no physical menu involved. Instead, the staff would just describe the available items to customers.

However, beginning June this year, Burger & Lobster finally has a menu. The burgers (two variations), lobsters (served in four sizes) and lobster rolls come with a choice of salad and fries, or just fries.

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