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How often do we feel stuck in a rut and desire to get out of this dreadful bubble? It wouldn’t be wrong to say we come across this feeling pretty often. Sometimes all we want to do is take a break and travel, have some fun and explore just to feed our tired soul and rejuvenate our minds.

Although that’s what we want, we pretty much ditch the idea of travelling altogether when thinking about just how heavy it would be on our bank balance. But, it really doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how to have a fun and fab vacation on a budget, without going broke:

1. When to travel 

If you’re travelling on a budget, pre-planning is important as you need to carefully choose the correct time to travel. If you travel to any destination during peak seasons, all costs from the flight to the accommodation will be higher and you would end up paying double or sometimes even triple the amount you would if you travel during off-peak seasons. It would be wise to plan ahead and get leaves that coincide with less popular holiday periods.

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2. Choosing the correct destination 

Another cost-saving tactic is being smart about choosing a destination. Well known destinations will always be pricier than under-the-radar travel destinations. Check out off the beaten path destinations that have a lot to offer, but costs way lesser. You might be feeling a sunny beach vacay, but if you’re eyeing prime locations like Maldives, it might be too heavy on your budget. All you have to do is research.

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3. Get on-board with cheap airfares

When trying to search for the best airfare, a normal person would first check on a budget airline. However, fares from budget airlines may not always be at its lowest, with the addition of taxes and other expenses. It would be a good idea to compare airfare prices across various airlines, and use tools such as Skyscanner. Always be on the lookout for promotions and other discounts you can take advantage of!

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4. Choosing a place to stay 

Hotels are where you would spend most of your money on, so strike off hotels from your trip. When choosing a place to stay, opt for hostels as they are way cheaper and they allow you to mingle with other people from around the globe. If you feel uncomfortable sharing a room with the opposite sex, don’t worry as many hostels offer female or male only dormitories as well.

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Another lodging option is opting for homestays, such as Airbnb and Couchsurfing, whereby you can stay with the locals and get a feel of the destination just as they do. It could just be the thing you’re looking for as it offers a different travel experience altogether.

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5. Tours and Sightseeing 

There is so much to do and so many places to visit, but these things usually come with a heavy tourist price tag. There are actually a ton of things you can do for free, and you just have to dig deeper to find these hidden gems. This way, you can save on entrance fees. The best way to do that is to ask the locals for recommendations.

Another way is joining tour groups, as you wouldn’t have to spend as much as when you travel alone, because transportation and other costs would be shared amongst the group. Many of the hostels also offer free walking tours with a tour guide who will take you around for free.

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6. What to eat

It’s easy to opt for fast food chains like McDonald’s or KFC and other restaurants we’re comfortable with. But, choosing street food and eating where the locals dine will allow you to get a taste of authentic, local flavours that make your travel destination unique. Be open-minded about it and trust us, it would make your travel experience even fuller.

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Be adventurous, move out from your comfort zone, explore and have fun. Who knows, it may turn out to be some of the more enriching and memorable travels of your life!

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