Korean skincare label belif is an advocate of combining time-tested apothecary herbal traditions and modern Korean skin science to efficiently care for skin. Free from mineral oils, fragrance, dyes and animal origin ingredients, these 6 dermatologist tested stunners from belif will give you all the skincare loving you need:

almighty sun powder1

1. Almighty Sun Powder SPF50+, PA+++, RM129 (15g) – Like a pair of shades for your skin, this mobile sun care product contains Molokhia herb extracts. Besides making your skin seem healthy and livelier, belif’s Almighty Sun Powder also has a crisp texture that leaves no stickiness. Apply the powder at the very last stage of your makeup routine to protect your skin against harsh UV rays.

Oil Control Moisturizer Fresh 125ml

2. Oil Control Moisturiser Fresh, RM160 (125ml) – Dedicated for oily skin, this oil-free moisturiser leaves a light finish while keeping the skin moisturised. The Oil Control Moisturiser Fresh is formulated with Rosehip extracts and necessary nutrients topped with an oil control powder. Use this after toners to tighten enlarged excess sebum pores and improve suppleness.

3. Almighty Sun Sunstick SPF50+, PA+++, RM120 – This sun stick applies gently without getting chalky and provides a moist finish. Suitable for both men and women, this sun stick is easy to carry around and helps to take care of the easy-to-miss spots around your face. Swipe this SPF50 on whenever sunblock is needed!


4. Sebum Control Mist Green, RM125 (100ml) – belif’s Sebum Control Mist Green supplies moisture instantly and contains sebum control herb complex that aids in reducing the secretion of sebum. Spray this on 4cm away from your face for about 3 or 4 times for a refreshing feel.

Moisture bomb cushion

5. Moisture Bomb Cushion SPF50+ /PA+++, RM148 (15g x 2) – This hydrating bomb cushion acts as a 3 in 1 function – provides UV protection, whitens and is anti-aging. Available in 3 shades, the Moisture Bomb Cushion contains Comfrey Leaf, the key herb for hydration. This product adheres to skin more delicately and lasts a natural coverage for 26 hours without leaving a sticky sensation.

UV protector leports shaking sunscreen

6. UV Protector Leports Shaking SunscreenSPF 50+, PA+++, RM160 (30ml) – This face and body sunblock is a necessity in the tropics daily. The UV Protector Lesports Shaking Sunscreen has a milky texture and spreads great while leaving a light feeling – perfect for the sweat inducing weather.

To shop any of the products above, visit any of belif’s retail outlets today. Alternatively, logon to belif’s website or Facebook page for more details.

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