‘Tis the season for joy and merriment and we’re all waiting to celebrate the joyful jingles, gorgeous Christmas meals and gifts! And since Christmas gift shopping is never an easy task, Clarins is here to solve our gifting woes with these pampering gift ideas for your loved ones (or you):


CLEANSING DUO DSCleansing Duo Dry/Sensitive, RM183 – Specially curated for normal to dry skin, this cleansing duo set refreshes your skin while eliminating impurities and make-up without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance. The Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter soften, smooths and soothes the skin while the toning lotion with Chamomile helps relaxes and sooth the skin, leaving it supple and clear.


CLARINS SHAPING FACIAL LIFT 75ml DUODuo Shaping Facial Lift, RM669 – This innovative facial product combines 3 plant extracts to help fight against fat, reduce puffiness, visibly firm facial features and delivers and immediate “lift”. Made from Guarana, Zerumbet Ginger and Kaki extracts, the serum will help you achieve the perfect 3V contour for a slimmer face as it refines cheeks and helps lift the jawline area.


UV PLUS SPF50 DUO 2016 (ROSY GLOW)Duo Limited UV Pink, RM306 – Developed specifically to keep Asian skin beautiful, this tinted UV protector is a multi-protection treatment that promotes anti-UV, anti-pollution and anti-ageing. Its formula is rich in plant extracts and has an incredibly clear and light texture. This tinted protector is the first line of defense in protecting your skin and keeping it looking fresh and radiant.



Hydration-Gel Essentials, RM374 – The Hydration Gel Essentials are key products in strengthening your skin’s surface while keeping it looking refreshingly hydrated. This range also enhances the skin’s ability to restore comfort, softness and a youthful radiance.


Perfect Bust Duo, RM425 – The Perfect Bust Duo firms and beautifully shapes the bustwhile moisturising, firming and enhancing to a fuller and firmer decollette. This duo creates and invisible “natural bra” and gives the breasts a more defined shape and an immediate lift.



Body Slimming Expert, RM398 – These products efficiently fight stubborn fat and cellulite while refining the texture of your skin to give you a firm yet moisturised feel. This-away to smoother and toned abdomens, waist and arms.


Body Shaping Expert, RM412 – This Body Shaping Expert set helps keep your body slimmer, firmer and toned – the Body Shaping Cream helps you get rid of stubborn fat that appears on the abdomen, waist and arms while the Anti-Eau Body Treatment Oil helps lighten, tone and contour legs.



Duo Body Lift Cellulite Control, RM399 – This works perfectly in removing the unsightly lumps and dimples by disrupting the cellulite-formation cycle through the use of key plant ingredients, namely aquatic mint and celosia extracts. These key ingredients aids in slowing down the expansion of fat cells and prevent the formation of cellulite.



Multi-Active Duo, RM496 – Made especially for those aged 25 and above, the day cream-gel visibly corrects the appearance of early lines and wrinkles, neutralising the harmful effects of fatigue, pollution and UV stress. The night cream helps restore your natural skin tone while promoting elasticity and radiance for a more youthful appearance by the morning.



Limited Edition No. 1 Serums by Clarins, RM536 – Clarins No. 1 Serums is the two best-selling serums that helps in achieving a refined and sharper facial contour, leaving you with firmer skin, an even complexion and less visible wrinkles and pores.



Duo Double Serum, Rm765 – This unique double formula with 5 anti-ageing functions promises a visibly youthful look. Embrace firmer skin, visibly reduced wrinkles, less visible pores and an even complexion.



Extra Firming Partners, Rm599 – Dedicated for women in their 30s, this anti-ageing care set helps reinforce and bond the key elements of the skin’s structure, preventing the deepening of wrinkles and reduces the appearances of dark spots – all whilst maintaining an even complexion.


SUPRA BASICSuper Restorative Basic, RM927 – This range consists of exclusive age-fighting plant extracts that help in boosting cellular renewal and collagen production. This helps to counteract dullness, wrinkles, age spots and loss of elasticity caused by natural hormonal changes. The Super Restorative Basic also aids in restoring youthful vitality to mature skin – helping you age beautifully.

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