Much favoured scotch whiskey brand Johnnie Walker recently joined forces with Malaysian-born graffiti artist Kenji Chai to inspire Malaysians to be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves – the strays – as part of the Stand Up for Strays campaign.

This collaboration between Johnnie Walker and Kenji Chai is centred on a mutual belief in line with Johnnie Walker’s Keep Walking slogan, which centres on overcoming life struggles with perseverance. This is synonymous with the idea of moving forward, especially for strays that struggle to survive, without shelter or love.


This campaign has brought Kenji Chai’s iconic character Chaigo the Stray to life in a recent online video to inspire viewers as part of the the Stand Up for Strays movement. The video, which made its debut on the official Facebook page of Johnnie Walker, has garnered over 1,500 shares and 800,000 views since its launch.


Watch the Stand Up for Strays video here at http://bit.ly/standupforstrays and take part in the movement to be the voice for the strays.