Just because it’s Christmas time, it doesn’t mean we have to let our budgets go out the window. You just have to think outside the box and get creative to show how much you love your family and friends without blowing a hole in your wallet.

Here, we’ve put together some of the best handmade gifts people actually would want for Christmas. Let’s get crafty!

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1. Flight Tickets

It’s the year end, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should be aware of the awesome festive deals the airline companies are offering during this time of the year. Be it a real set of tickets you managed to score with luck, or a faux DIY one, inserted with a pinky swear promise to bring your friend somewhere next year, we’re pretty sure this will be one of the best gifts yet. Visit Matta Fair if you wanna score cheap holiday deals!

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2. DIY Marble Tray

We don’t know about you, but we are all about marble printed goodies! The wonders of marble contact paper and a hint of spray paint never cease to amaze. Add a touch of luxe and give a fresh spin to unused trays with easy-to-source supplies from the craft store or hardware store. This gift would be perfect for your favourite ultra chic friend. Happy marbling!

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3. DIY Crystal Jelly Soap

These galaxy glitter soaps are out of this world! Filled with tiny stars and starbursts, these galactic soaps will make an awesome hipster gift for the geeks in your life, stocking stuffers or unique Christmas gifts for galaxy lovers. This project is very easy too. It’s never too late to get on the galaxy/gemstone trend. Watch the tutorial here.

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4. Painted Wooden Utensils

If your mom, or a BFF, loves to cook, we know just the right thing that will woo her. What’s more original than getting the queen of the house or someone important in your life a set of painted wooden utensils for her lovely kitchen; one that YOU decorated with your blood, sweat and tears? This DIY craft is super easy and will only take you less than an hour. Get the tutorial here.

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5. DIY Marble Monogram

Come on, you know your friend has been eyeing on that initial monogram from Typo for a while now. But somehow the plain block seems basic, and it’s not worth that much anyway for the price it’s being sold for. Perhaps you should make her a marble one instead! Follow the instructions here.

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6. DIY Bath Bombs

Your sister has been yapping on about getting bath bombs, but they are just too expensive for something that’s going to dissolve in the water and literally get washed down the drain. What if we told you that bath bombs are simple to make by yourself? It’s a very fun process! With these intergalactic bath bombs, you can create your own starry skies at home in the tub. Make them in large batches and surprise your family members. Get the step-by-step tutorial here.

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7. DIY Neon Light

We’ve all seen the ultra-cool neon lights on Tumblr and Pinterest numerous times, but like you, we couldn’t seem to figure out where to get these awesome statement-making signs anywhere. Get this, you can customise your own neon light. Get the tutorial here. Pretty sure you’ll want to keep this gift for yourself once it’s done.

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8. Wooden Wax Seal

Think out of the box – What will be suitable for your lady boss friend? Okay, admit it. You’ve probably thought about getting a wax seal with your initials, but it isn’t really necessary. Well, your friend might be thinking the same. She fancies it, but couldn’t be bothered to get one for herself. She’ll wait for someone to gift her it instead. Get the tutorial here.

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9. DIY Marble Mugs

Ok guys, we found something for your favourite aunt or beloved granny. This DIY Marble Mug project is super cool! We’ve seen marbling techniques on nails, but not so many on household items, so why not give a fresh twist to your plain white boring mugs? The materials are cheap and can be effortlessly sourced, but the result will look like it costed way more. Watch the tutorial here.

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10.  Cash Is King

I mean, who doesn’t need extra cash? It doesn’t matter what age category you’re in; moolah is always much appreciated. However, giving actual cash may seem unthoughtful and tacky. The money may also be gone without notice. Opt for gift cards from favourite stores of the recipient instead, so they can pick out stuff they actually would like.

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