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Passengers Bitten By Bed Bugs Onboard Starmart Express Bus From KL to Singapore

Photo: The Malay Online

Recently, passengers travelling on Starmart Express AJB 15 boarded the bus, not knowing that their route from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore would turn out to be a horrific bug infested journey.

One of the passengers onboard reported that almost 40 minutes into the journey, he felt an itch on the back of his neck but ignored it, thinking that it was a mosquito bite. When his neck started to swell, he thought it was an allergic reaction but it turns out that he wasn’t the only one who was itching.

Photo: The Malay Online

21-year-old Shafiq, who was a passenger on the bus said, ” I thought it was only me and I thought I had an allergic reaction, but I don’t have allergies”. He also added, “We caught quite a number of bed bugs on the seats, floors, bags, and our body.”

Photo: The Malay Online

It later was unveiled that the bus company, which is marketed as a first class massage coach (now we doubt that!), had used a standby bus for the journey from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and the said bus had not been in use for at least two weeks.

Since the incident, many passengers have taken to the social media to show their frustration over the horrendous experience, in which they have posted pictures and demanded for refund, and payment for their medical bills over the bed bug bites.

They have also lodged a report to the bus company asking for a full refund for their so called first class service.

Photo: The Malay Online

It is reported that the bus affected has now been taken off the service and has been sent for a chemical wash to thoroughly get rid of the bed bugs. This should have been done prior to the service, though. Yikes!

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