View-Master Experience Pack

We’ve always had a thing for virtual reality devices, especially since the media started introducing this type of gaming gadget in movie films, advertisements and songs, making it simply impossible for the exuberant kid in us to ignore!

Thanks to our friends from Mattel, the Lipstiq team have finally gotten our very own, the iconic all-new View-Master® Virtual Reality Starter Pack, which is compatible with smartphones, providing a great learning platform for children and adult alike through virtual exploration.

Being given the 21st century twist, the portal transports kids to stunning locations where they explore famous places, iconic landmarks, nature, planets and more in a 360 ‘photosphere’. By pairing the View-Master®’s reel with any smartphones, you will immediately experience an imaginative and interactive learning experience.

View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

The virtual reality gadget is basically pretty easy to operate. Simply download any of the free View-Master® apps to your compatible smartphone and slide your smartphone into the viewer and place the Preview Reel in front of you. A 3D augmented reality menu will appear digital icons that seem to float above the reel.

Make your selection by looking at the one you want to visit, then click the lever on your VR device to launch yourself through time and space into a completely 360 degree view. Look up, down, around. Everywhere you turn, you’ll find something new to see.

The Preview Reel included with the Starter Pack allows you to sample View-Master® VR apps, such as Batman, National Geographic: Wildlife, Space and Destinations. Purchase the Experience Pack from App Store or Google Play for only a few bucks if you’d like to fully explore the new 3D worlds. Trust us, these games are pretty awesome, even for a 26 year old. (We cannot wait for the Barbie version to come out, if there’s any!)

View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack2

The all-new View-Master® Virtual Reality Starter-Pack viewer is available at MYR 159.90 each and comes with a special Preview Reel. Shoppers can get their hands on the cool futuristic gaming device at leading Toys “R” Us stores nationwide. For more information, please visit Mattel MY.