Laneige has long been a purveyor for top-notch skincare products. And now, the brand launches a skincare line that’s bound to solve all our uneven skin tone woes and a super pigmented line of lipsticks in 30 vivid shades!

Introducing the world’s first ever patented moisture-whitening skin care line, Laneige is out to solve our uneven skin tone and dehydrated skin woes with White Dew. Made with essences of truffle, Saururus chinensis Baill, a ton of vitamin C and Phyto-sugar water, the White Dew skin care line aims to keep your skin well hydrated while achieving and maintaining a glowy complexion.

White Dew Milk Cleanser (150ml), RM 100 – This cleanser contains Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate, a cleansing ingredient originating from amino acids that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and moisturised. Its got a rich and creamy lather that works to thoroughly remove impurities and debris from the skin, leaving it crystal clear and bright.

White Dew Skin Refiner (120ml), RM125 – A light and refreshing moisture whitening skin refiner that replenishes moisture while evening out skin tone. Applied after cleansing, this refiner provides sufficient hydration with the moisturising effects of sugars in its ingredients.

White Dew Emulsion (100ml), RM140 – A moisture whitening emulsion with a fluid-like texture that fast absorbs into the skin to brighten and hydrate the skin. One of its ingredients, lecithin, forms a layer on the skin to lock-in moisture for long hours.

White Dew Original Ampoule Essence (40ml), RM220 – A powerful moisture ampoule essence that contains Mela-vita Crusher to lighten dark spots and improve skin tone to deliver flawlessly clear skin. This concentrated ampoule formula works from within the skin to effectively lighten spots and even out skin tone for a brighter complexion.

White Dew Tone-up Cream (50ml), RM165 – A moisture whitening tone-up cream with a moisture-rich emulsion-like texture that instantly brightens dull looking skin. This tone-up cream’s oil/water emulsion formula containing dispersed TiO2 delivers the tone-up effect without darkening the skin, while its white emulsion formula instantly brightens and provides rich hydration.

White Dew Intensive Eye Mask (8 sheets), RM105 – A double-layered eye patch which brightens the dull skin around the eyes by promoting blood circulation with a warming effect around the W-zone, which is prone to freckles and blemishes. Its thin coated film fits well around the curves of the eye area, and enhances the delivery of active ingredients.


Besides the White Dew range, Laneige will also be dropping the all new Silk Intense Lipstick using an improved formula. The new Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick now has a wider colour spectrum with 30 different vivid shades from nudes to corals and reds and other unexpected shades like Exotic Yellow and Forest Fantasy.

As the name suggests, the Silk Intense Lipstick glides on smoothly like silk while giving off a highly pigmented and intense colour on your lips! We’ve also heard that the Exotic Yellow and Forest Fantasy shades can be used as mixers as it’s been reported to be able to make over 90 colour combos with the 28 other shades in the palette (or your own, just get creative 😉 )

The White Dew Skin Care Line by Laneige will be out in stores nationwide starting March 2017. For more news and updates on Laneige, access here