The Nokia 3310 is dubbed ‘indestructible’, and remains a solid fan favourite for good reason. You could toss it down a flight of stairs, drop it into mud, or fling it down a two-storey building, and it would still come out unscathed.

Guess what? According to data obtained by VentureBeat, Nokia plans to bring back the device at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, after 17 years since the date it first launched in 2000.

Photo: Google Play

The relaunched Nokia 3310 will be priced at a bargain €59 (approx. RM277), and of course, its crazy long battery life and unbreakable form factor would be some of its unique selling points, alongside features like a calculator, clock and four games – Snake II, Space Impact, Bantumi and Pairs II.

Know what we’re most excited about this high-endurance piece of history? Playing Snake, of course!

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