Is Kanye West suffering from memory loss following his hospitalization last November? A longtime friend and collaborator, Malik Yusef revealed that Kanye West suffered memory loss during his prolonged period of erratic behavior.

“I’ve been to his house. Sat down with him for about 6, 7 hours. Just walking through his health and recovery,” he said. “Yeah, his memory’s coming back, which is super good. Spending time with his family. Saint is getting big and he’s walking and playing with toys so, you know, that invigorates him.”

Photo: WWD

When asked if West was working at all, Yusef replied, “Not working. Just.. going through processes.” However, the rapper is expected to be at New York Fashion Week’s presentation of his latest Yeezy collection this week, featuring high-end athleisure wear for renowned sports brand, Adidas.

Rhymefest, a formerly longtime collaborator of Kanye’s as well, also showed support via Twitter, in which he wrote, “My brother needs help, in the form of counseling. Spiritual and mental. He should step away from the public and yes men to heal himself.”

But what’s very strange about all of this is how he mentioned the New World several times throughout his rant during the Pablo tour, pleaded for Jay-Z and DJ Khaled not to come after him and send killers his way, and even mentioned aliens at one point.

Now he’s lost some parts of his memory, that he couldn’t even remember about his rants. What did they feed him in the hospital? We really hope that the rapper will get well soon though, ’cause it won’t be pretty if another Tupac situation occurs. Not again.

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