When it comes to understanding what womanhood is all about, your gynaecologist may be your best bet at being your guide. In case you’ve been a little shy to head on over to the women’s clinic, here’s a list of things that your gyno wants you to keep in mind.

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1. Your grooming habits are the least of their worries – Seriously, they can’t care less if you came in after a Brazilian or sporting a full bush. Obviously nobody wants you to come in right after a workout session but TBH, your gyno’s office is the ultimate #nojudgezone when they’re paying attention to your lady parts.

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2. Just ask that super weird and embarrassing question – Instead of getting on WebMD and self diagnosing what that bump/rash/smell/discharge actually is, book yourself an appointment and see the gynaecologist. They’ve seen everything so chances are that they know exactly what you’re worried about and you’re bound to have your concerns solved in an appointment.

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3. They want to hear about your sex life – It would be super helpful for them to know if you’re having sex, if you’re having sex with multiple partners, etc. so they can help you with the treatment you need. If you have any questions about libido, orgasms or any sexual issues, the gyno’s office is your safe zone.

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4. And yes, they’d want to know if sex is painful – Discomfort during sex could be nothing, but it also could be something. Your gyno should be able to pinpoint what the issue is, but only if you tell them about it. If the condom broke/came off inside you or you get a headache after an orgasm, let your gyno know. You’d feel a lot better once you bring it up.

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5. They really want you to stop using those cleansing products down there – ICYMI, the vagina is a self-cleaning oven. Gynos everywhere are advocates of “less is more” when it comes to vaginal hygiene. A gentle, unscented soap is fine but you should definitely stay away from anything more than that.

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6. They can find a birth control that you actually like – So ask them! They know that not all birth control is right for everyone so the more info you relay to them about yourself and your life, the better they’ll be at helping you pick one out.

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7.  They might want to talk about fertility and that’s okay – More often than not, your gyno isn’t there to have an opinion about your life choices. They just want to make sure that you’ve got all the information you need, if you need it. Of course, there are cases where doctors may not tackle this issue as sensitive as they should. If you feel strongly about your doctor broaching the subject, let them know.

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8. You have discharge and that’s completely fine – There’s a common misconception that women should be completely dry except before or during sexual relations. Many women have discharge, some more than others! And that’s totally normal. Click here to read all about the vaginal discharge in your underwear and why it’s not gross.

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