Let us first say that while this look is eye-catching, it definitely isn’t going to be for everyone..

While lived-in kohl eyeliner from last night is more widely acceptable, the new ‘snogging’ trend is a little more unorthodox and apt to what it’s called, it literally mimics the aftermath of a full-on, sexy rendezvous.

Celebrity makeup artist Val Garland first created the look for Preen’s Fall 2017 show in collaboration with MAC and it’s safe to say that it surely turned heads. It’s similar to a blurred, gradient lip look, except lip colour is deliberately applied outside the lip lines.

To create the I-just-snogged-someone-so-hard effect, Garland used MAC’s Lip Mix creams on the lips before using a makeup brush to buff it so the colour dissipates and looks completely smudged. She then adds lip gloss on the actual lips.

While it looks pretty damn good, it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s an unapologetic statement on its own.

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