Sometime long ago, someone ingenious decided that jeans with holes developed at the knee doesn’t belong in the trash, and the rest is history. In fact, there’s nothing not to love about rebel style beaten-up denim that’s distressed and ripped as it looks badass and lends a rugged vigor to any ensemble.

And while jeans, whether ripped or not, are a classic staple, the people behind Topshop are trying to stir some sh*t up with its new Moto Clear Patent Mom Jeans, putting the internet to a divide. Why? The mom style jeans feature two giant cutouts covered with clear plastic panels halfway across from the thigh all the way down below the knee.

The high-street brand’s description for the product on Nordstrom reads that the plastic panels are supposed to be “[baring] your knees for a futuristic feel”, but aside from the handful of positive reviews, the rest of the people are confused and skeptical, to no one’s surprise..

There’s also an ongoing thread on Tumblr about the jeans in question..

Photo: Screengrab via Tumblr

They are questionable, but just in case you are interested, the Topshop jeans retail for US$95. As of now, we are unsure whether or not they will be made available in Malaysia.

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