The beauty industry never stops thriving as it is a golden money-making avenue, yet it is so shockingly unregulated that certain claims cannot be trusted, aside from the fact that labels on products are often ambiguous. Certain ingredients can still be harmful although they are widely used, hence many are turning toward more natural and organic commodities.

Where skincare is concerned, there is a vast emporium of mass-produced over-the-counter products that are readily available. The question is, how do you distinguish these run-of-the-mill products from those that would actually be good, or at least better ingredient-wise, for you? The answer often lies in understanding the brand’s approach and narrative.

We’ve got to admit; what first drew our eyes toward Grown Alchemist is its pared-down apothecary-style aesthetics that would look sensational on any vanity (cue the oddly satisfying meme). Some research and a face-to-face chat with founders Keston and Jeremy Muijs later, we discerned that the brand exemplifies everything we’ve desired in skin and body care.

As acclaimed product developers, the brothers have always had a passion for the power of natural-organic alchemy and the notion that beauty equals health. With that in mind, Grown Alchemist – a new generation of organic skincare formulations comprising scientifically advanced cell communicating ingredients without harmful chemicals – came to fruition.

The organic plant based and transformative active ingredients fused into the products, such as collagen, elastin boosting actives, advanced peptides, hyaluronic acid, cell-communicating actives and antioxidants, are compatible with human biology and work with the synergistic molecular structure of their revolutionary formulas to offer better efficacy.

Regenerating beauty and evolving one step at a time, Australian organic certified Grown Alchemist represents the latest in global advancements pertaining to natural cosmeceutical skincare and is relentlessly in the pursuit of superior formulas that will be powerful enough to transform the skin whilst repairing it holistically, sans the synthetic stuff.

Expect to find skincare like the facial cleanser, exfoliants, serums, masks, toner, face oil, eye balm and moisturizers, alongside body care products such as the cleansing bar, body cleanser, hand creams, hand washes and body creams, with prices ranging from RM69 to RM355.

Grown Alchemist will be available beginning April at KENSapothecary stores in the Klang Valley, including The Gardens, KLCC and Bangsar Village, or online.