If you reside in hot, humid areas where mosquitoes breed like its nobody’s business, you’re probably aware that the tiny creatures are more than itchy nuisances. Recently, the Zika virus outbreak has reached Singaporean and Malaysian shores, so it’s no surprise that everyone would be a little on edge right now.

Luckily for us, Mt. Sapola has came up with a gentler approach to combat Dengue and Zika Virus with its nature’s insect repellent solutions, which helps you to stay invisible to mosquitoes sans the excessive toxic chemicals.

Applying insect repellent on your skin can make you feel like wearing an armour against mosquitoes. However, you might also be absorbing high concentrations of toxins into your skin at the same time, which is no bueno.

Providentially, Mt. Sapola’s latest addition, the Bugs Away Insect Repellent fights a winning battle on both fronts with its specially formulated ingredients that promises longer stay-on power even in ​Malaysia’s weather. The repellent contains use of safe chemicals, suitable for children as young as 2 months old.

Can’t get those tiny creatures to stop visiting your house? Worry no more. Mt. Sapola’s Nature’s Protection From Dengue series offers home kit features, which lightly fragrance your space with a welcoming scent that sends the opposite message to insects. The signature repellent comes in a handy 10ml travel size as well.

Available in Citronella, Lemongrass and Ginger-Lemongrass scents, the repellent which is priced from RM34 to RM200 will be in stores from 1 to 30th April only. Get yours today before it’s too late! 

For more information, check out Mt. Sapola’s official website or Facebook.