In conjunction with its Earth Month campaign that takes place annually, the Estee Lauder Companies this year pledges toward mother nature with the rehabilitation of peat swamp forests in support of the Global Environment Centre (GEC) and other ecologically-friendly activities.

Trees play a pivotal role for mother nature as two hundred and sixty pounds of oxygen can be produced by one tree each year. On top of that, trees regulate our climate and approximately one acre of trees is able to eliminate about 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide within a year.

Despite its significance, trees are continuously cut down in deforestation efforts to make way for development, resulting in a soaring global climate and rising pollution levels aside from other taxing impacts. Hence, Estee Lauder Companies is working with non-profit NGO GEC to spread awareness and replenish mother nature with renewable resources.

The Estee Lauder Companies aims to plant at least 1,500 trees in Raja Musa Forest Reserve, Kuala Selangor, with the help of GEC. Aside from restoring the peat swamp forest to its natural conditions, the rehabilitation will prevent peatland fires, haze and minimise GHG (greenhouse gases) emissions.

Amongst the activities to partake in at the Estee Lauder Companies Earth Month booth in the West Lobby of Mid Valley Megamall include Plant A Tree – By donations, purchase of Origins products; or signing up as volunteers, BikeBlender – Ride a bike for a minute and blend your own juice; and Empties – Drop 3 full-sized empties to receive Origins samples.

Those in support of the campaign can also declare their love for mother nature by puckering up for a photo (10-23 April 2017). Simply post a photo of yourself Kissing the Planet, add the hashtags #KissthePlanet and #ELCEarthMonth, then tag @OriginsMalaysia and Estee Lauder Companies will plant a tree through GEC on your behalf.

Join the Estee Lauder Companies Malaysia and Global Environment Centre in being responsible individuals toward a greener world at the Earth Month booth, located at the West Lobby of Mid Valley Megamall from now until 16 April 2017.