If you suffer from acne, you’re going to freak out when you hear this exciting news. There’s going to be an acne vaccine soon because doctors are currently working on a remedy that would banish breakouts for good. Yes, you read that right: A vaccine for acne. That means acne could literally be cured.

Having acne is the worst thing ever. It seems incurable and no matter how many expensive products or medications you try, it never fully disappears. Luckily, those days might be over. According to a research by University of California, a whopping 50 million Americans are diagnosed with acne every year and the craziest part is, doctors and scientists don’t have a cure.


Eric C. Huang, the project’s lead researcher remarked, “Acne is caused, in part, by P. acnes bacteria that are with you your whole life, and we couldn’t create a vaccine for the bacteria because, in some ways, P. acnes are good for you. But we found an antibody to a toxic protein that P. acnes bacteria secrete on skin, the protein is associated with the inflammation that leads to acne.”

In other words, if the vaccine is made, it can block the negative effects of P. acnes bacteria that lead to acne, without actually killing the bacteria. So far, so good.

The next step would be to test it on patients in clinical trials. Phase one of these trials can take one-two years and they’re going to be starting soon, so hopefully we will live in a world where everyone can feel good in their own skin.