If you think you’d have seen it all by now with the Vetements x Levis bare butt jeans, you really haven’t.

A new DIY trend of half jeans is taking over Instagram from Coachella (until Coachella is over I don’t think we’ll ever stop hearing about it, TBH) and it’s absolutely ridiculous. Like, mad ridiculous.


The trend is exactly as it sounds – the pair of jeans will leave you with one leg in and one leg out like a really bad rendition of the crop top for bottoms.

Singer and actress Ryan Destiny from Fox’s Star debuted this look alongside a helicopter and a black jumpsuit on Instagram. I guess if you love jeans but don’t really want to sweat it all out in the middle of a Californian desert it’s fine?


I have so many questions for Destiny though. Like, where did you get those jeans? Were they half price? Why are you making jeans cut in half a thing?!

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