In case you haven’t heard, Pavilion KL has welcomed one of the largest jewellers in Asia, TSL Jewellery (Tse Sui Luen), standing tall along the posh corridors of the new Elite wing which houses some of the world’s prominent luxury brands.

The elegant new concept luxury boutique was launched in an evening of trendsetting style, demonstrating ultimate elegance through the fusion of gorgeous gems blended with vibrant silhouettes by renowned fashion designers, Beatrice Looi, Nurita Harith and Justin Yap.

If you’re a fan of gold and shiny accessories, TSL’s latest outlet offers the best jewellery shopping experience you’d ever hoped for. With minimalistic design features which include high-end earth-tone materials, the elegant grandeur concept creates an atmosphere where guests can relax and truly appreciate the gems’ exquisite beauty.

On top of that, the jewellery store also has an exclusive VIP Zone, dedicated for special guests to showcase the crème de la crème of jewellery pieces from their exclusive private collection.

Head over to the official website if you’d like to find out more on available designs, or simply visit your nearest TSL Jewellery outlet and enjoy a first hand experience of the luxurious shopping trip.