Ah, simpler days..

Topshop has always been the sh*t. Just ask anyone hip enough and they’ll tell you that the high fashion label is amongst their favourite clothing brands, even when being able to afford something isn’t always the case. RM199 for a plain T-shirt seems a little absurd, but that’s really your call, and money.


Fast-forward to today, with the rise of other outstanding retailers , it’s totally understandable for Topshop to want to reclaim its throne as the go-to store by selling more bizarre, really distinct items.

Remember when the retailer released those partly plastic jeans? You know, the ones with windows just for the knees? Well, get ready for this. Topshop has released a pair of totally see-through plastic jeans, which retails at £55 (RM309) each. Yay or Nay?

Photo: Topshop

Maybe in 2030? Or if and when we’re as cool as Cara Delevigne? The MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans are made entirely out of plastic, in which the description notes that the transparent trousers are ideal as a statement piece for a festival or costume party.

Okay we have to admit, this is pretty out-of-the-box and styled correctly, could really earn you those style brownie points. If you’re good with layering, this look could be for you. Either ways, let us know your thoughts!