Though the world we live in today is scientifically advanced and modern ingredients can easily be synthetically developed, the restorative power of botanicals, such as flowers, is still unparalleled. Beyond the aesthetic allure and charming fragrance, flowers have long been touted for their healing properties.

From rose for reducing redness and anti-inflammatory effects to lavender for its antibacterial qualities and balancing out sebum production as well as orchid to fight free radicals, the list of benefits are endless and it simply boils down to your personal skin concerns and what you’re looking to address.

If you suffer from skin dehydration, daffodils, also known as the narcissus flower, may just be your solution. The narcissus is extremely rare here in our country, but that’s not to say you can’t get hold of it, thanks to Mamonde’s upgraded Floral Hydro skincare range that has the flower as its key ingredient for long-lasting hydration and suppleness.

The rare plant species infused into the Floral Hydro range has an intense ability to retain moisture circulation and contains molecular hyaluronic acid that works to deeply hydrate the skin and lock in moisture. Additionally, the moisture circulation technology Water-Cycle™ ensures that this goodness spreads evenly to nourish every inch of the skin.

Comprising four products, the improved Floral Hydro line features the highly enriched Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner (RM89) that is able to increase moisture levels of the skin by 2.8 times more, the Floral Hydro Emulsion (RM89), Floral Hydro Eye Gel Cream (RM99) and Floral Hydro Cream (RM109).

The Floral Hydro skincare line will be available from June 2017 onwards at Mamonde beauty counters.