The New Soundwave Tattoo Trend Enables You To HEAR Your Tattoo With An App

Nad Dardin

When someone gets a tattoo, they usually pick an image of something that’s meaningful to them (or the internet). And as soon as you think you’ve seen it all, a new tattoo trend drops by with an added dimension to getting a meaningful ink design.

Introducing soundwave tattoos — like, tattoos that you can actually hear. The concept was first introduced by an app called Skin Motion and basically, you upload a custom audio clip to the app (anything under a minute), purchase the tattoo and then get it tattooed on your body.

So basically, it works kind of like a QR code for your body, only it’s with soundwaves. Scan the tattoo and you’re good to go. Skin Motion also has a list of specifically trained tattoo artists so the app will hook you up with someone’s who’s certified to get the job done.

Though the app won’t launch until next month, people are already opting in to get soundwave tattoos on their bodies. Skin Motion founder Nate Siggard already tested out the concept on his own body, and got his child’s laughter tattooed in soundwaves on his body. Another person decided to get the sound of her dog barking tattooed on her arm, which has proven to be an entertainment for both the dog and its human.

At least now you don’t have to tattoo lyrics from your favourite song, you can just get its soundwave tattooed? Let us know what you think about the new soundwave tattoo trend!