For years, Waze’s custom voice prompts have been a delight to Wazers on their daily drives. And those drives are about to get better because the next voice guide is you!

Waze announced the new Voice Recorder feature yesterday, which lets you record all your voice prompts any way you like! Add some character and a sprinkle of pizzazz into your voice recordings and let your most commanding and entertaining self guide the way.

The Voice Recorder function lets Wazers customise their drive by recording turn-by-turn voice prompts. Easily turn Voice Recorder on in Settings/Sound & Voice, and record as many voice prompts you like. Use the easy recorder tool and watch the time limit (6 seconds) for each prompt.

For prompts left unrecorded, Waze will play the default voice directions in your country. Currently, the recorded voice prompts is available to the individual user, with a plan to make sharing voice recordings possible between Wazers very soon.

Waze is the most reliable and user-friendly navigation App in the market with features updated on a timely basis.Though the voice recording feature is going live worldwide, iOS platform users would have to wait awhile as the feature is currently available on Android platforms only.

For more on Waze, access here.