Eyebrow Wigs Are The Ultimate Zero-Effort Solution For Perfect Eyebrows

Nad Dardin

Whether you’re into it or not, it seems like brows are having an extended moment right now. Just in under a month, feather brows and barbed wire brows took over Instagram so it’s to no surprise that another trend’s emerged that could actually be pretty useful for all of us – eyebrow wigs.

What’s a brow wig, you ask? It’s exactly as it sounds.

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However, this is not to say that stick-on eyebrows are new. They play a huge role in helping cancer survivors, alopecia patients and those with hair loss as a confidence boost. But hey, if you want perfect AF eyebrows too, no one’s saying you can’t slap these babies off for zero-effort brows.

Even as is, they seem like the less squeamish solution, if you’re iffy about microblading or your threading lady.