From the beginning, it was evident to everyone that Instagram Stories was majorly inspired by Snapchat, but the app’s latest update further reinforces that notion.

Aside from an announcement on Instagram’s blog, Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook to discuss the newest feature on Instagram Stories – face filters. Mmhmm, similar to the ones on Facebook Stories, and nearly the exact replica of those on Snapchat.

Photo: Instagram

The standard animal faces are available, aside from a gold laurel wreath, a geeky one with glasses, and an ice queen filter. An Instagram spokesperson said, “”The designs reflect the craft and creativity that have been core to Instagram since day one.”

“From spotlights that track your position to the subtle twitch of a koala’s ear, we paid close attention during the design of face filters to make them as dynamic, playful, and natural as possible.”

Photo: Instagram

On top of the face filters, Instagram Stories is also rolling out a new slew of creative tools like the Rewind mode on camera that reverses the action, a brush eraser, and a hashtag sticker that can be personalised (and possibly searchable too)!

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