This Korean 7-Step Toner Trick With Leave You With Lit From Within Skin

Carmen Chong

As luck would have it, it isn’t impossible to achieve that desirable dewy Korean glow we’ve all dreamed of having. Think bouncy skin that looks lusciously plumped up with hydration as if you’ve just come out of a facial, except this time, your skin is able to look like that every single day.

This latest K-beauty trick has been creating a buzz online and only requires one product – toner – that is applied seven times consecutively to drench even the deeper layers of the skin with a ton of moisture while thoroughly prepping the skin to absorb the goodness from other products layered on top of it to the best of its ability.

Photo: Screengrab via YouTube

While you can use a cotton pad or just your bare hands to do this, YouTuber Edward Avila recommends using a toner without alcohol. Firstly, you may use a cotton pad soaked in the toner to press the product into the skin before going in with your hands to pat gently to seal it all in. Then, repeat until you’ve done it seven times.

The more layers of toner you apply, the longer it will take the skin to absorb the product. With that said, the time-consuming method does offer instantaneous results – a beautiful luminosity that shines through the moisture locked in the skin. Though, do remember that this isn’t meant to replace your serums or treatments targeted towards certain skin issues like acne!

Would you give it a go? 😉