The Wonder Trailer Ft. Jacob Tremblay Will Move You To Tears

Carmen Chong 0

Jacob Tremblay was recognised for his impressive performance last year in Room with Brie Larson, and now, be prepared to witness yet another one of Tremblay’s milestones – Wonder – that is a major tearjerker.

Based on R.J. Palacio’s best-selling book, Wonder talks about a young boy named Auggie (Tremblay) who was born with conditions that have hindered him from attending school normally. He was finally deemed well enough to enter fifth grade at a local school, and quickly rises to become “the most unlikely of heroes” in his class as he tries to be accepted for who he is.

Photo: Screengrab via YouTube

“I know I’m not an ordinary 10-year-old kid,” Jacob’s character mentions in the trailer. “I’ve had 27 surgeries. They helped me to see, to breathe, to see, to hear out of hearing aids, but none of them have made me look ordinary.” Sniff..

Starring Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts who play Auggie’s parents, Wonder drops in theatres this November.

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