Master Multi-Masking The Easy Way With These Slice Sheet Masks

Carmen Chong

You’re a lucky b*tch if you have a skin type that is consistent, but unfortunately for the most of us that isn’t the case. Certain areas on our face may be oiler or dryer than the rest, and some parts may be extra sensitive, often plagued with redness or little bumps.

Thus, multi-masking may just be the solution as it involves customising different face masks to be applied onto the face to tackle multiple skin problems at one go. It may seem complicated, but it really isn’t. For instance, your smile lines may call for an anti-ageing mask, whereas the acne on your chin area can be treated with a salicylic acid infused mask.

To make multi-masking effortless and less of a liquid-y mess, let us introduce these slice mask sheets from Kokostar that cannot be any more adorable. Instead of one sheet, each pack comes with 12 little disk-shaped slices that resemble the active ingredient they are infused with, like fruits and vegetables.

The Kokostar Slice Mask Sheet come in four variants (Cucumber and Watermelon for calming and hydration, Tomato and Lemon for brightening and radiance) to target various skin concerns, so go right ahead and plaster these mask slices all over your face. While you’re at it, don’t forget selfies for the ‘gram!

The Kokostar Slice Mask Sheet come in four variants (Cucumber, Tomato, Lemon and Watermelon) and retail for RM18 per pack at or Sephora stores throughout Malaysia.

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