While once upon a time a daring cut-out monokini could turn heads and raise eyebrows, this season, designers are turning out some truly mind-blowing bathing suits that will definitely raise 1001 questions in people’s head.

We’ve seen a lot of crazy denim designs — super cheeky underbuttclear ‘knee windows’detachable legs, which had the Twitterverse up in arms. But as we inch closer to summer, the internet has pointed out a bikini that might just be the most notorious thing we’ve ever laid eyes on.

In today’s head-scratching swimwear news, there is a bikini that, in addition to baring your midriff, confusingly covers up the entirety of one of your arms with a giant bell sleeve. A woman named Amanda M-W first brought attention to the Loong Sleeve Bikini Set, a perfect mix of winter and summer from Amir Slama on Twitter.

It seems as if this pale blue sartorial statement isn’t quite sure whether it is a shirt or a bikini top and for that matter, whether it’s a long-sleeved crop top or more of a strapless bralette. It is also made of a denim-like fabric that fashions the most waterproof Canadian tuxedo. Hmm..


How do you even swim or waddle in the water with a giant piece of drenched floppy fabric in the way? We’re not quite sure.

In case you’re interested, the Loong Sleeve Bikini Set is priced at $293 (RM1,022), available on Far Fetch. Meanwhile, the same designer has another bikini with a single long sleeve for $292 (RM1,248), though this one appears to be half of a collared button-down shirt sewn on top of a traditional string bikini. Far-fetched indeed.