Period cramps are the absolute bane of our existence and while some ladies barely flinch at the pain, others have it way worse, succumbing to sleepless nights due to the treacherous jabs of misery to their lower abdomen till the sun rises.

Heating pads and other aids aside, it seems that there is one sleeping position that actually relieves menstrual cramps – the fetal position. According to Dr. Lisa Mindley, MD, this position reduces the pressure on the abdominal muscles.

Photo: TheBlaze

Hence, sleeping like a curled up baby relaxes these muscles and due to the minimised strain on the abdomen, the less pain and cramping there will be. It’s as simple as that!

If you’re prone to leakage, sleeping in the fetal position with the legs pressed together could also diminish the likeliness of the whole blood-soaked sheets situation from occurring, even on some of the heaviest days.

There is no cure for PMS or menstrual cramps, but at least now we’d able to sleep sounder at night.