These “Deco Lashes” Are Way Too Pretty To Wear

Nad Dardin 0

Like any creative beauty routine (yellow blush, feather brows, etc.), lashes can also be decorated in an artful manner. Though eyelash art isn’t anything new, Japanese “eyelash artist” Miyuki is working on lashes that are out of this world.

Miyuki’s creations are inspired by butterflies from her moth-stylized lashes, but those aren’t the only creatures that serve as her muse.

She also gets inspiration from flowers:

And birds:

Obviously she’s got to have a holiday collection too:

According to PopSugar, Miyuki’s deco lashes are available for sale only on the Japanese website Village Vanguard and prices range from RM130 to RM340. That said, these aren’t the most friendly lashes fro day-to-day wear. But hey, if you’re getting lashes all the way from Japan you might as well make it worth the money.

Just in case you’re not down with forking out RM300 for a pair of falsies, check out the video above for DIY artsy lashes.