This Unedited Track Of Britney Spears Singing “Toxic” Is Our New Favourite

Nad Dardin 1

If you’re one of those people who keep claiming that Britney Spears has no talent, you need to take a step back and reevaluate that notion. Like, how could one even begin to say that the queen of pop who puts on a high-intensity Las Vegas show multiple nights a week for years call is untalented? This makes no sense. But enough on that, I’m still here to prove to you that Britney indeed HAS talent. The proof? An unedited vocal track of Britney’s “Toxic”.

The Auto-Tune-less vocals are just as endearingly nasally and breathy as the studio versions of Brit’s songs, she hits every high note, and she sounds even more emotional in this stripped-down version. Although the iconic airplane-set music video for the single will always hold a special place in our hearts, this BTS version of “Toxic” confirms that Britney indeed HAS talent and y’all haters can sit down in silence now.