U Mobile & Kyoto Protocol Join Forces To Create This Cheeky New Raya MV

Nad Dardin 0

As Raya rolls around the corner, everyone rolls out heartwarming and tear-jerking Raya ads. This Raya, U Mobile together with Kyoto Protocol unveiled a fun new Raya video, featuring a doctored version of P. Ramlee’s song “Maafkan Kami” from everyone’s favourite classical Malay comedy, Bujang Lapok.

In the video that exudes a setting similar to the hit Malay classic Bujang Lapok, Kyoto Protocol begs for forgiveness from ex-customers who have “moved on”  and other telcos for being competitive. We absolutely love how catchy the lyrics of U Mobile ft. Kyoto Protocol’s “Maafkan Kami” are! Not to mention, the guys from U Mobile and Kyoto Protocol injected a healthy dose of fun and comical bits to the classic without having to offend anyone #.

Watch “Maafkan Kami” by U Mobile ft. Kyoto Protocol in the video above, it’s definitely one for the books. Great job U Mobile and Kyoto Protocol!