The Annabelle: Creation Trailer Is Here To Ruin Sleep For Everyone

Nad Dardin 0

In case it’s slipped your mind, a new Annabelle movie is coming out this summer and there’s now a new trailer that might auto-play itself on YouTube, reminding you that everyone’s least favourite doll is coming back for blood.

Directed by Malaysian-Australian director James Wan, the new trailer for Annabelle: Creation somehow manages to be even scarier than the first one and also gives a little more backstory on the demonic doll. After a couple’s young daughter dies in a car accident, they pray to see her again. At first, the ghostly sightings are harmless, then the spirit asks to move into the doll. “We soon realized it wasn’t our daughter,” says the mother #noshit.

#NotAnyonesDaughter // Gif: Tumblr

Not victim-blaming anyone who has been or are still being haunted by childlike demonic spirits, but isn’t it just common sense that if you initiate contact with the dead you’re basically asking for it? You won’t leave your door open so just about anyone can walk right in, right? SO WHY WOULD YOU LET AN UNKNOWN SPIRIT SET UP SHOP IN A TERRIFYING LOOKING DOLL AND THEN KEEP SAID DOLL IN YOUR HOME, FFS?!

Watch how lives are ruined when one invites creepy looking dolls into one’s home in the trailer above.