Looking for some 24k magic in your life? Good news, peeps! We’ve learned that Grammy-winning singer Bruno Mars might be coming to Malaysia soon!

The news exploded on social media after event company PR Worldwide  — the same guys who will be bringing Ed Sheeran’s live concert to this part of the world — gave strong hints about the upcoming concert when they uploaded a photo of Roman numbers “XXIV k” with the caption “Stay tuned for the magic!”.

Now, as many already know, “XXIVk” stands for “24k”, and 24k Magic is the name of Bruno Mars’ latest album, featuring the lead single of the same name — so the hint was pretty obvious from the start, to devoted fans at least.

For now, no other details have been provided by the organiser, but it is possible that the concert might take place next year as the 31-year-old will be heading to Australia in March 2018 for his 24k Magic World Tour.

So we’re assuming that the sensational pop star’s concert in Malaysia will also take place somewhere during that time due to proximity.

Yesss 2018!