Often times, George Clooney finds himself on lists like “Sexiest Man Alive”. Now, he’s about to win it big as science has officially confirmed that Clooney has the world’s most handsome face.

The 56-year-old actor’s features were found to be 91.86 per cent accurate, according to the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi – which for thousands of years was thought to hold the secret formula of perfection. Using the theory, computer mapping technology also found Ryan Gosling had the perfect nose, Harry Styles had the most beautiful eyes and the best chin, and David Beckham had the most perfectly shaped face.

Clooney, who just became father to twins Ella and Alexander with his lawyer wife Amal, was tested with the latest facial mapping techniques by Harley Street surgeon Dr Julian De Silva. His eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, chin, jaw and facial shape were measured and came closest to the Greeks’ idea of perfection.

Bradley Cooper came in second with 91.80 per cent, Brad Pitt was third with 90.51 per cent, One Direction singer and Dunkirk star Harry Styles was fourth with 89.63 per cent and David Beckham was fifth with 88.96 per cent accuracy of his features to the beauty ratio Phi.

Dr De Silva, who runs The Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery in London, said that “George Clooney has been feted as the world’s most beautiful man for decades – and it is great that his status has now been proved by science. He has beautiful facial symmetry and gets closer than any other man to having what the Greeks considered the perfect face.”

Photo: Julian De Silva

“George had a near perfect ratio of nose to lip dimension of 99.6 per cent and his chin and eye spacing were almost perfect as well,” he continued. “The Phi ratio of 1.618 has long been thought to hold the secret of beauty, and now with the computer mapping we can calculate exactly how it applies to men.”

The Golden Ratio was a mathematical equation devised by the Greeks in an attempt to measure beauty. While the ratio can be applied to anything and was famously used by Leonardo Da Vinci to measure the perfect human male body in his work – the Virtruvian Man. The premise behind this is that the closer the ratios of a face or body are to the number 1.618, the more beautiful they become.

Well, we can’t say we’re surprised! Lucky Amal.