After the disastrous launch of the Galaxy Note 7, which saw explosive sales until the moment it started exploding, Samsung considered dropping the Note altogether.

However, the brand surveyed thousands of Note owners to see just how disappointing the name had become — and found nothing but love. Some people hated giving up their Note, even after all those ominous airline announcements. Fans knew Samsung had screwed up, but they wouldn’t mind getting the next Note anyway.

And now here’s the next one — Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Like all Note devices, this huge hyper-powered phone combines a massive display with a suite of productivity features and a stylus that pops out of a slot in the corner. It also sports a dual-camera rig that is believed to be able to crush the iPhone 7 Plus.

On paper, this is Samsung’s most impressive device ever. The Note 8 runs on the same Samsung Exynos 8895 processor as the Galaxy S8, along with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of built-in storage. (You get an SD card slot, too, in case you never want to delete anything from your phone).

The 3300mAh battery, which Samsung has gone through internal testing, external testing, and work with Underwriters’ Laboratory — provides more juice than most phones. The phone supports wireless charging, Samsung’s latest security features, and two-apps-at-a-time multitasking. It even features a new multitasking mode that lets you save pairs of apps —calendar and email, Chrome and Evernote, Netflix and Excel — and quickly open them together. Cool right?

Meanwhile, Samsung’s first 12MP dual-camera smartphone is a doozy. The Note 8 lets you re-focus photos after you capture them, essentially taking the iPhone 7 Plus’s Portrait Mode and dialing it up a notch. You also can take a separate photo with each lens and decide later whether you want the wide or zoomed shot. Like the S8, Samsung wrapped each camera in an optical image stabilization rig, which makes for remarkably stable photos. Who needs an action cam when you have the Galaxy Note 8?

All that hardware lives behind a 6.3-inch, 2960 x 1440 screen. With nearly bezel-free Infinity Displays, the display screen certainly looks fantastic. The whole body is water and dust-proof, though the Note 8 will likely prove just as fragile as the Galaxy S8. Fine in the shower, not on the sidewalk. In fact, our friend’s Galaxy S8 has dented right after its first meet up with the tarmac. (Smh.. let’s pray for the poor soul).

Moreover, the most material difference between the Note and the Galaxy S8+ is the S Pen. This one provides greater sensitivity and a slightly finer tip, designed to more closely evoke a ballpoint pen. You can write on your screen without unlocking your phone, quickly select text to translate it, or handwrite a text message and send it as a GIF.

The amazing features offered in Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 8 explains the brand’s massive confidence as it launches the phone just a year after the Note 7 debacle. A friend of ours once said, “the Galaxy S8 is so advanced that I don’t even know what to use the features for,” which kind of make us feel like ditching our iPhones all together.

Hence, with the massive success of Samsung Galaxy S8 and that comment, we honestly can’t wait to get our hands on the brand new Galaxy Note 8 and experience what the smartphone has to offer.

So far, there’s no word yet on the price, but you know it’ll be hefty. The Galaxy Note 8 will be available for pre-order from 5th – 10th September 2017. Stay tuned as more details on the package will be announced on Samsung’s official webpage