Fancy some homemade barista-quality coffee?

Whether you indulge in a creamy Cappuccino, a full-bodied Espresso Macchiato or an extra intense Ristretto — Nespresso is bringing this sensation with the Barista Limited Edition Coffee — guaranteed to satisfy your senses and allow you to bring the coffee bar straight to your kitchen.

Inspired by a barista’s craftsmanship to perfectly harmonise the complex flavours in coffee and mastering milk preparation, Nespresso undertook multiple sensory tests to define the exact levels of roasting and the ideal coffee grinding techniques to create the Barista Limited Edition series.

Specifically developed for those who like their Nespresso white, the limited edition coffees are set to delight any coffee lover with three tempting options including Barista Chiaro, Barista Corto, as well as Barista Scuro.

The Barista coffees will be available for a limited period online via Nespresso from 4th September 2017 onwards. For more information on the collection, you may contact Nespresso Malaysia at 1800-80-70 or Facebook.