Skin serums typically target specific skin concerns, offering functions that are different to the next. And while that may be sufficient for some, not everyone has the same problems in different zones of the face and one product that works on the T-zone wouldn’t necessarily deliver the same results on the cheek area.

With that said, what if there was a serum in the market that is perfectly suited for everyone of all ages, regardless of skin type or skin issues? As dubious as it first sounds, developing a universal serum like that is indeed possible and Clarins has immaculately demonstrated that notion through its newly improved 8th generation Double Serum.

Decoding the language of cells to enhance the skin’s five vital functions – regeneration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and hydration, Clarins’ Double Serum expresses and captures messages produced by other cells and the environment to maintain the skin’s balance and in turn, gracefully refine the ageing process.

Besides its intense turmeric extract, the Double Serum is an amalgamation of 20 other plant extracts including organic green banana, beautyberry and organic kiwi, all employed to reinforce the skin’s health from within and ultimately protect it from external aggressors such as pollution, stress, UV rays, and even smoke.

We recently spoke to Marie-Hélène Lair, the Scientific Communication Director at Clarins, as she shared new insight into Clarins’ 8th generation Double Serum. Here’s a detailed summary:

1// The birth of the Double Serum is based upon Clarins’ bio-inspiration approach, which is divided into three dimensions – its shape, functionality and as an ecosystem. Plants find solutions to survive the harshest of environments, and based on these solutions, Clarins handpicks these plants to harness their power.

Similarly, the turmeric, which is the star ingredient of the Double Serum that scrutinises the language of cells, has the ability to boost the communication amongst cells, thanks to the volatile and aromatic molecules called tumerons inside its root. These tumerons make up 65% of the turmeric extract contained inside the Double Serum.

2// Clarins further explored the benefits of turmeric as it has long been a staple part of the Indian culture – as a spice for cooking, as an offering during religious rituals, and as an Ayurvedic treatment. It’s completely safe, there are no side effects and the Double Serum is a marriage between the traditional usage of turmeric and scientific innovations.

Tumerons make up 10% of turmeric, and this 10% has to be isolated and distilled so only the active molecules are obtained. Following that, Clarins tested its safety and efficacy before registering it as an authorised skincare ingredient, also ensuring that this new ingredient will be accepted worldwide in the process.

3// Unlike marketing-driven companies, Clarins values permanent innovations, and its 8th generation Double Serum took five years to perfect wholly. Throughout these years, Clarins discovered the listening capacity of cells, followed by the benefits of the turmeric as a plant.

On top of the ideal formulation of the Double Serum, the bottle itself was not an easy feat. The bottle encompasses another bottle, and the speed of the two vials (Hydric and Lipidic) that hold product in two different viscosities had to be parallel for proper dispensing of the serum, which can be pumped out in a smaller or larger amount with a simple twist.

4// The Double Serum is unlike anything else in the market as there is only one formula for everyone all over the world. It is unique, and the way to use it is completely customisable depending on the skin’s needs and the environment. One product fits the needs of all by boosting the five vital functions of the skin.

The universal serum can also be regarded as a pro-ageing product as it prioritises skin health first and foremost, before the skin can adapt to the signs of ageing beautifully. As Marie-Hélène Lair mentioned, “We can’t erase signs of age; we can only maintain and take care of these ageing effects. That’s wisdom.”

5// As it is tested to be completely safe and free from silicones, the Double Serum can be used by those who have sensitive skin and even on more fragile parts of the face like the eye contours. It can also work to prep and stimulate the skin as a primer to boost the absorption of other products that are applied over it.

The possibilities are endless with the Double Serum. It can be used as a literal shield while travelling to protect the skin from the germ-ridden in-flight air supply, incorporated into daily skincare regimes to be layered with other serums, and even be mixed in with bases such as foundations to maximise its skin benefits.

6// The Double Serum boasts the most advanced formula from Clarins as it does not only include the turmeric extract, but also integrates 20 other plant extracts, some of which are the highlights of other Clarins’ latest products. For instance, the teasel extract from the Multi-Active skincare range.

Anyone familiar with Clarins would also appreciate the familiar yet lighter scent of the 8th generation Double Serum due to the absence of mineral oils, which contain lipids that help to intensify fragrances. The absence of mineral oils also helped Clarins achieve a superbly lightweight texture for the Double Serum that does not get sticky when applied.

7// As sustainability is at the heart of Clarins’ work, nine out of the 20 plants utilised in the Double Serum are certified organic. From the 20, three hail from fair trade programs in Peru and Madagascar that support the usage of these plants in traditional medicine, provide a source of income, and bring clean, safe drinking water to small villages.

Additionally, Clarins is increasingly gearing toward eco-friendly packaging. Recyclable materials are used to house products on top of recycling initiatives done worldwide, and even the outer sleeves of products now contain instructions of use, product details and ingredients printed on the inside, eliminating the need for an extra sheet of paper inserted in each box.

Clarins’ 8th generation Double Serum will be available for purchase from September 1 onwards at all Clarins beauty counters and retail stores throughout Malaysia or online at at the following price: RM325 (30ml), RM435 (50ml).