Are you tired of having to fill them in and fade them out? Do you wish you had a bit of facial furniture that wasn’t identical to everyone else?

If the answer’s yes, then stop what you’re doing, grab a pencil and some tweezers and settle down. Apparently, the hottest way to have your eyebrows right now is in the shape of squiggly lines.

Just when you thought you had your brow game figured out, the Internet has gone ahead and changed the rules.

Squiggle brows are the latest blogger-induced beauty trend to take over your Instagram feed and leave you wondering either why someone hadn’t thought of this sooner, or just “Why?”

Beauty influencer Promise Tamang recently uploaded the look on Instagram and revealed that she was inspired after seeing a picture of someone who had photoshopped squiggly brows onto their face.

Then, she drew on the wavy eyebrows using a black gel liner mixed with powder. To clarify: using glue, concealer, eyeliner.

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