Guess who’s back?

Kumar a.k.a. the person behind the brilliant stand-up show Kumarsutra, is set to perform in Malaysia once again this month. The news does not come as a surprise as the talented comedian has cracked up and blew away a legion of fans at last year’s sold out performance.

Hailed as one of South East Asia’s most respected performing artist and a brilliant stand-up comedian, you can expect to see Kumar fuse together the traditional and modern aspects of performing arts that have been perfected over the years with the aim to amaze audiences transcending across age, gender, and race.

Audiences can witness Kumar’s raunchy humour as he entertains with his sharp wit, whimsical storytelling and the ability to find the funny in the most difficult situations.

The show tours 7 cities in Malaysia including Ipoh, Penang, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Johor Bahru throughout September and October 2017.

Tickets for the show are available for purchase from Ticketpro Malaysia with prices ranging from RM80 (Silver) to RM300 (VIP). For more information on show details, visit Kumarsutra.