Sailor Moon was a big thing back then, and chances are, you too were a fan who had owned at least one counterfeit Sailor Moon merchandise. Remember those little figurines, stickers and pen caps? Yeap.

Well, guess what? A permanent Sailor Moon store just opened up in Harajuku, and thankfully, it’s never too late to fulfil your childhood dreams.. this time, the authentic way!

Prior to the opening of this store, there were only temporary pop-ups made accessible to the public, and due to a popular demand for Sailor Moon merchandise after the show’s 20th anniversary in 2012, a real store is born.

Located at the Laforet Harajuku department store, the Sailor Moon shop houses merch, from accessories and clothing, to phone cases and books, as well as exclusive items that aren’t available anywhere else around the globe.

So, anyone wants to hop on the next flight to Japan with us? 😉

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