Derma-rolling or micro-needling is an at-home treatment where you use a small rolling pin looking thing that is covered with needles. And you basically puncture your face with hundreds or even thousands of very small holes on the surface of your skin. Sounds scary, but trust me when I say that derma-rolling might just get you that flawless and glowy complexion you’ve been searching for – it’s also super effective for getting rid of those pesky under-eye circles.

In case you’re curious and thinking of giving derma-rolling a go, here are some points to consider before poking your face with thousands of tiny needles:

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1. It can improve your skin’s texture and tone – After using a derma-roller, you’d notice subtle improvements in fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, acne scars and even stretch marks. The tiny needles on a derma-roller actively stimulates the reproduction of collagen, which helps with laugh lines and under-eye bags.

2. Your skincare products will work better – It’s been proven that derma-rolling can help increase the effectiveness of active ingredients in skincare products. How it works is simple; after cleansing, apply your best serum on your face, quickly run through your face with a derma-roller and apply another layer of serum to seal it all in. We’re big fans of Clarins’ Double Serum (RM325 for 30ml).

3. No pain no gain? Not the case for derma-rolling – Of course, the thought of puncturing your face with thousands of tiny holes already sounds daunting. But derma-rolling is relatively painless when you compare it to other forms of collagen stimulation. However, if you’re new to derma-rolling, we suggest that you get a derma-roller with really tiny needles. Not sure which one to get? This 3 in 1 roller from Shopee is our favourite and it only costs RM37.70.

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4. It can irritate your skin – But only if you do something crazy like use it everyday. We suggest you using the derma-roller once a week or once every two weeks. More than that and you’d risk bleeding, swelling, breakouts. Be sure to clean your roller properly with rubbing alcohol after treatments and DO NOT share rollers.

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5. Do not apply too much pressure when derma-rolling – Seriously, just don’t. Too much pressure and you might rupture delicate superficial blood vessels. The key is to go slow and steady with just enough pressure to push the products into your skin.

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6. You may not see results overnight – Even when it’s done correctly and consistently, you probably won’t see results until about 6 weeks. But if you do keep it up, you’ll see that the results are worth it. Also, if you have active acne or inflamed skin, it’s best to stay away from derma-rollers until your skin feels better.

Would you try derma-rollers at home? Let us know!

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