As Asians, looking for cheaper alternative to the things that have caught our eyes are pretty much normal. Heck, it even feels like an achievement if you manage to score a waaay better deal than the original retail price.

It’s always good to pay less, but buyers might also risk receiving fake goods instead.. which is why we need to be extra careful when buying discounted products online. (We’re looking at you L!)

To our surprise, a Kelantan-based entrepreneur is doing exactly what we’re avoiding, in her newly launched beauty store named Sefarra HQ in Kota Bharu which sells imitation/fake cosmetic products with prices ranging from RM25 – RM79.

The founder, Farra Fareez who has 87k followers on Instagram claims that the brand is inspired by Sephora. But damn, they seriously look and sound the same. She also owns a line of makeup and contact lenses called Farra Beauty, as in Huda Beauty. You’re doing great sweetie!

Let’s compare. Exhibit A (the real deal, Sephora):

Exhibit B (Sefarra):

Uncanny, right? ‍♀️ From the sans serif font and French-inspired card illustration to the iconic black-and-white striped shopping bag, it’s pretty much obvious that Sefarra has copied Sephora’s brand aesthetics for it’s own benefit.

Hmm.. is ‘Farra Beauty by Sefarra’ going to happen? Malaysians took no time to share their thoughts on this fake news..

But wait, there’s more.

Apparently, Twitter users have also discovered a number of other local beauty labels that *imitates* renowned international cosmetic brands including Colourpop and NARS.

1) Colourpop (international) vs Dida (local)

2) NARS (international) vs ANAS (local)

3) DUck Scarves (original) vs Donut Scarves (fake)

Damn guys, this is not a good look on us Malaysians. We must do better!