In an effort to make sure that nobody loses a child on a leisurely day out, Sunway Pyramid is implementing a cool new safety measure that had us LOL-ing a little – temporary tattoos for children.

Just yesterday on their Facebook page, Sunway Pyramid announced that they are implementing Child Safe Emergency Contact Tattoos. Like, actual stick on tattoos in bubblegum wrappers from our childhood.

Just in case the little one goes wandering about, the temporary tattoos include contact numbers of the Concierge staff or Auxiliary Police. Just by using a damp cloth, the tattoo is super easy to transfer on to your child’s arm. Don’t worry to much about staining because the tattoos can also be simply removed by using baby oil, wet wipes or hand sanitizers.

The Emergency Contact Tattoos are made in accordance with the upcoming school holidays and are provided for free at the G Floor Main Concierge and LG2 Concierge.