Train to Busan fans, you’re going to love this! In 2018, Netflix will be bringing you yet another blockbuster – Psychokinesis – by Yeon Sang-Ho who directed Train to Busan. That’s not all – South Korea’s upcoming films Steel Rain and The Chase will also be making their debut in Malaysia.

When Train to Busan hit cinemas with a nerve-wrecking zombie apocalypse in 2016, movie-goers went bonkers and the movie undoubtedly topped the charts internationally, with a worldwide success of over 11.6 million viewers.

Image by: wellgousa

While viewers are hungry for more of that zombie virus, the Train to Busan director announced his latest blockbuster film – Psychokinesis. Breaking free from the walking dead, the award-winning director challenges the theme of supernatural powers in his latest work.

Yeon’s new plot revolves around a man who miraculously wakes up with superpowers, setting him off to a life-changing journey. Ryu Seung-ryong was announced as the main protagonist earlier this year, and the South Korean actor will play a father who rescues his distressed family and those around him but gets obstructed with obstacles along the way.

Image by: Variety

Production for the new film has been rolling since April, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that the director cum screenwriter casted some of his old cast members from Train to Busan. Sign up on Netflix to await the new film, Pyschokinesis. We’re sure it will be another filmography success!